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The Official Map
of Singapore 

We distribute 200,000 printed maps per issue, reaching tourists who visit Singapore quarterly throughout the year.

RedDot Media's extensive distribution network covers key locations across Singapore, including airports, hotels, shopping malls, STB Visitor Centres, and more.

RedDot Maps Now
Available For Download

  1. Grab a copy of The Official Map of Singapore from RedDot racks and standing racks located at Changi Airport, Hotels, STB Visitor Centres and major shopping malls around town.

  2. Open up and look for QR codes featured around Singapore Island Map, SMRT Network Map and Precinct Maps.

  3. Scan the QR codes with your phone.

  4. Download PDF versions of the maps via Where Singapore website.

  5. Access these maps on your mobile device and explore Singapore with ease!


Advertising Opportunities

RedDot Maps are highly sought-after by tourists in Singapore, boasting a high pickup rate and broad audience reach. This extensive distribution ensures greater viewership of the map's content, making it an invaluable resource for navigating the city.

Featuring your brand on RedDot's map allows you to leverage the influx of international visitors, expected to reach 15 to 16 million in 2024 alone. RedDot Maps offer diverse advertising options, including prominent placements on the Front Cover, Back Cover, and Premium First Flip Ads. Additionally, choose from Standard advertising panels like Full Panel Ads, Double Panel Ads, and customizable Creative Box Ads to showcase your brand effectively. 


RedDot Maps collaborate closely with the Where Singapore website, extending advertising opportunities beyond physical maps to an online presence. Opt for a Light Box Ad, Billboard Ad, Leaderboard Ad, or Standard Banner Ad (subject to availability) on Where Singapore's tourist-focused online platform.

So contact us now to know more about how to advertise with RedDot!

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