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Who We Are

Supported by STB (Singapore Tourism Board), RedDot Media Inc. has over 27 years of travel media experience and publishes the Official Map of Singapore. We embarked on digital transformation with the offering of digital e-maps and guides.

RedDot entered into a licensing agreement with Where®, the world’s premier travel media company in nearly 100 cities worldwide.

We are committed to deliver a holistic solution and value for our clients.

RedDot's Holistic Media Solution


RedDot's Distribution Footprint

RedDot’s customised map racks are deployed at strategic distribution points including Airports, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Attractions and Cruise Centres.


RedDot has painstakingly built up an extensive and robust distribution network and replenishment operation over the last 27 years. Aside to STB’s requested quantities and channels, RedDot prints more maps to be distributed at many strategic distribution points. Such distribution points are selected based on high tourist traffic areas for easy access and pick up.


RedDot understands the need to ensure that maps are stock up promptly. We contracted two dedicated distribution and replenishment teams to ensure our maps reach out to tourists anytime, anywhere. Regular audits are done to check on compliance. Our association with Les Clefs D’or also allows for RedDot maps to be widely distributed at hotels and service apartments.


RedDot Aligns with ESG Principles


RedDot endeavours to align ESG principles in its tourism media business. We are moving towards more eco-friendly materials, reducing waste by printing less and moving aggressively into the digital space with downloadable maps and destination content 


RedDot has reduced its printed maps significantly and continues to step up its digitalisation efforts to sustain and generate incremental circulation and readership.



QR Codes will be featured via STB website, Changi Airport booths and RedDot existing distribution and online channels 

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